The New Rosé Wine Pouches Are Basically Adult Capri Suns

Capri Suns evoke memories of a simpler time, when an acceptable lunch consisted of Lunchables Extra Cheesy Pizza and Fruit by the Foot washed down by a sugary juice concentrate. Served in a squishy foil pouch with a pokey straw, Capri Suns were so superior to Yoo-Hoos and Hi-Cs with their boring non-shiny packaging. Have you ever pulled the classic prank where you blow into a Capri Sun pouch, give it to a friend, and laugh as they take a big gulp of air? Uh, us neither. We were just asking. 

Big news, Capri Sun fans. Now, you can quench your thirst and nostalgia for Capri Sun pouches like a super classy grown up. The wine company Electric Rosé has just released a new adult Capri Sun beverage. But instead of sugar-crash-inducing sugar water (er, juice), these single serving pouches are full of rosé wine. That's right. A single serve pouch of pink wine that's deliciously fun. Did anything that come in portable pouches ever steer you wrong? 

You heard us. Wine in a pouch. Never again will you have to scrounge for a corkscrew or drink wine from a plastic cup like a barbarian. Instead, stock your cooler with these ingenious rosé pouches, made from eco-friendly packaging designed to chill quickly.

Electric Rosé wine pouches are sold with straws in six packs, with each pack equivalent to 1.5 bottles of wine. Electric Wine Co. knows what the people want. 

In addition to being portable and delicious, a portion of the proceeds from every purchase of Electric Rosé goes to, a charity dedicated to making clean drinking water accessible around the world. So when you drink Electric Rosé, you can get a warm and fuzzy feeling from the 12.5% alcohol and the thought of contributing to a good cause. Being environmentally kind is high on our list of priorities these days. 

The bad news? Electric Rosé is currently only available in the following states: 

  • Connecticut

  • Georgia

  • Maine

  • New Hampshire

  • New Jersey

  • Tennessee

The company is expanding, however, so you may be able to have your grown up picnic lunch with a pouch of rosé or two yet. When you do get your pink pouch of loveliness, feel free to pop in the freezer. The Electric Rosé chills nicely.

Look for Electric Rosé whenever you shop at your local supermarket or liquor store, and have a picnic basket full of cheese and chocolate (and maybe some Dunkaroos, for old time's sake) ready to go.

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