8 New Peeps Flavors Hit Candy Shelves with Easter Around the Corner

It wouldn't be Easter without Peeps, and this year there are eight brand new Peeps flavors with which to fill your Easter basket. The first new flavor, Sour Cherry, is available in grocery stores nationwide, while the other flavors are exclusive to Target, Kroger, and Walmart.

We're not saying you have to visit each store so that can try all the different flavors, but each of the three chains is offering unique treats to tempt your taste buds.

peeps flavors

If you feel the need to combine breakfast with your marshmallow treats, Kroger has a breakfast-friendly Peeps flavor--the Pancakes & Syrup Peep.

If you need a suggestion on how to work this flavor into your menu, how about a breakfast Peeps S'more using bacon and this new peep flavor instead of graham crackers and chocolate?

peeps flavors

Visit a Target store to find boxes of Peeps Delights. The Neapolitan flavor is strawberry flavored marshmallow filled with a ribbon of decadent chocolate and dipped in creamy white fudge. The Lemon Sherbet and Orange Sherbet treats are both dipped in decadent crème flavored fudge.

Walmart may be having the most fun with these new flavors; they're offering three mystery flavored marshmallow chicks. Try them all and see if you can guess what the mystery Peeps flavors are. The company will unveil the answers closer to Easter.

Peeps Brand Marshmallow Candies are part of Just Born Quality Confections, a family-owned candy manufacturer founded in 1923. Thirty years later, Just Born acquired the Rodda Candy Company where the 3D marshmallow chicks were first made.

According to the company website, over 5.5 million Peeps are "born" each day and it takes six minutes to make one Peeps marshmallow chick. But not all of those marshmallow Peeps are eaten--art and diorama contests have become popular around the country using the marshmallow treats as building blocks instead of snacks.

Peeps aren't just for Easter treats anymore, either. Special Peeps flavors show up for Halloween, Christmas and other holidays, too. If you're not into eating the treat plain, you can now buy Peeps Oreos or you can use Peeps as part of all sorts of recipes.

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