The 7 New Oreo Flavors You Have to Try in 2018

Yep, that's right, milk's favorite cookie is getting three new flavors in the upcoming year. In addition to four other releases, that's seven new Oreo flavors that we know will hit shelves in 2018. Not too long ago, Oreo announced the #MyOreoCreationContest where fans could write in and suggest the new Oreo flavor, much like the Lays competition.

After going through hundreds of thousands of submissions of Oreo's #MyOreoCreationContest, the cookie giant has finally decided on three new flavors: Piña Colada, Cherry Cola and Kettle Corn.

Oreo Flavors

The Piña Colada Oreo Thins are a vanilla cookie containing a pineapple-coconut filling. It's as if you were transported to the tropics for just a split-second.

The next cookie, Cherry Cola, is an original chocolate Oreo cookie stuffed with a side-by-side filling of a red-and-wine cherry and cola flavored creme complete with popping candy to act as the soda carbonation.

The final cookie, Kettle Corn, is a vanilla sandwich cookie filled with a a creme filling dotted with puffed millet pieces to mimic popcorn.

The three Oreo flavors will be released in May 2018 and customers will be asked to vote for their favorites. The winner gets a hefty $500,000 prize and bragging rights.

Oreo Flavors

In other Oreo related news, Hot and Spicy Cinnamon Oreos will be available January 1st. Seasonal favorites like Marshmallows Peeps Oreos, Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos and Firework Oreos will also hit the shelves this year.

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