New Mexico Man Threatens to Pull Gun Over Incorrect Taco Order

Sure, everyone says they love tacos, but one New Mexico man has taken that love a little too far. As the Los Alamos Monitor reports, Lex Norman Deines, 48, of Los Alamos, was arrested July 8 on charges of disorderly conduct after threatening to pull a gun on a taco shop employee after receiving the wrong order.

Los Alamos Police Department Cpl. Jemuel Montoya was dispatched to Rigoberto's Taco Shop where he found Deines in a heated exchange with shop employees. Montoya also says he noticed a strong odor of liquor coming from Deines.

Los Alamos Monitor

After taking Deines outside, Montoya learned Deines had threatened to retrieve a gun from his vehicle after his food order was wrong and employees would not change it.

Taco-bout trouble. Remember, y'all, the people who work in the service industry are people, too. And no taco is worth a threat like that.

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