The New Gourmet Starbucks Drink Comes with Beef Jerky Because Meat

Beef jerky fans will want to get themselves to the Starbucks' Seattle Roastery ASAP. The coffee shop is famous for their experimental drinks and now they've really outdone themselves. Their whiskey barrel-aged cold brew aside, it's the brand new Pepper Nitro that's stopping everyone in their tracks. The nitro cold brew is enhanced with malted fennel black pepper syrup and topped with a honey cold foam, cracked pink peppercorn and, wait for it, a beef jerky garnish. Since this is Starbucks, the jerky, made from grass-fed beef, is pierced onto a bamboo skewer.

Raegan Powell, a member of the Starbucks R&D team who helped create the drink, explained the sweet/savory flavor combo was a no brainer.

"With the first sip, you get a hint of the honey cold foam and the aroma of the pink ground peppercorn. The real surprise is the salty savoriness of the jerky garnish, an exciting complement to the smooth and sweet finish of the nitro cold brew experience."


As if adding beef jerky to your coffee wasn't special enough, the brew actually comes from an incredible spot. This blend of nitro cold-brew is made with single-origin, small-lot coffee beans from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Specifically, from a co-op of farmers from banks of Lake Kivu, a perfect spot for coffee trees thanks to the large freshwater lake.

Coffee is a major source of revenue for these farmers, too. Starbucks picked this specific bean for the "sweet and herbal spice notes" that just come alive when beef jerky is added into the mix. Kind of like we do when jerky is involved. Drinks that start at the Roastery have been known to make their way to chains nationwide, so here's hoping this one does, too.

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