New Englanders Can Pick up a $9 Lobster Roll from McDonald's

This summer, folks in the Northeast can once again enjoy one of summertime's greatest joys--the return of the Lobster Roll to McDonald's throughout the region. You read that right, everyone else in the country: your countrymen in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts can swing through Mickey D's and pick up a surprisingly authentic, New England-style lobster roll.

The sandwich, known colloquially as the McLobster, is made with East Coast-sourced North Atlantic lobster mixed with mayo and topped with shredded lettuce on a toasted roll, for less than $9 -- not bad, considering restaurant versions typically stay in the $15 or more range.


The famous--or infamous, depending on who you ask--sandwich was a staple of regional chains before disappearing more than a decade ago, only to make a huge splash upon its return in 2015.

Nor'easterners better hurry, though -- the Lobster Roll leaves menus again at the end of August.

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