New Belgium's First Sour Beer La Folie Turns 20

The Lips of Faith Series may have set New Belgium apart from other craft breweries, but it's La Folie that stood out from the rest. Famous for Fat Tire amber ale, New Belgium took a huge leap in 1997 when branching out into their wood barrel program with the creation of their first sour - La Folie. After 20 years of going strong, La Folie has proven it's worth, not to mention drinkability.

The Colorado beer credited with whimsical folly is an award winning Flander's-style sour brown ale that has you pucker up to the taste. Any sour beer drinker would be hard pressed to resist the temptation of a sip or two of the beloved New Belgium creation.

In achieving the exquisite flavor, several sour wood barrels are blended to create the combination fit to be called La Folie. French for "the folly", La Folie is "sharp and sour, full of green apple, cherry, and plum-skin notes."

By maturing in a French oak foeder - oak barrel - then blending between 13 other foeders of varying notes, the unique flavor profile of this 7 percent sour is born. Totally mouth puckering, and surprisingly thirst quenching, the mahogany colored La Folie is the sour beer that satisfies pro drinkers, while drawing in newcomers.

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Hitting the shelves now, the 2017 La Folie is available in 22-ounce bombers, as well as on draft.

Here's to you La Folie! To your 20th birthday and going strong. Only one more year before you can enjoy a full tulip glass of yourself.

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