Nemo's First Hammock Comes with a Beer Holder So We're Sold

There are countless hammocks to choose from for your outdoor adventure, whether you're hiking, camping, or backpacking. But when it comes to tree lounging time with your buddies, the Nemo Cloudview from Nemo Equipment is the hammock of choice. Fully equipped with a beer holder, this is the first hammock designed specifically for social hour.

When it came to designing the Cloudview, Nemo took a leisurely approach by incorporating features that focus more on socializing than backcountry camping. It's a standard hammock meets camping hammock all thanks to one clever patterning and an integrated cup holder.

Nemo Equipment

The aluminum pole spreader bars and Layflat patterning prop up your upper body rather than engulf you in material like most camping hammocks do. This open design creates a suspended beach chair posture as opposed to a hammock blanket, allowing you to chat with friends and take in the view for some serious outdoor good times. The gentle incline is great on your back, especially a long drive out to the car camping spot, as it mimics your natural body position at rest.

Best of all, the hammock has a special pocket to hold your beer can! This is a first among the hammock world. The no-spill cup holder carefully stows away your beverage so no matter how you move - as long as you don't flip the hammock over - your beverage remains accident free. The cup holder is also capable of holding a water bottle, Yeti rambler, refillable coffee cup, or whatever your beverage of choice is.


Along with the cup holder pocket, Nemo also added in a stash pouch that can hold your iphone, book, tablet, or anything you don't want to reach off the ground. This way, you don't have to worry about getting off the hammock - unless it's for another beer.

For $169.95 with Amazon Prime, you can get the Nemo Cloudview hammock that was made for tree parties. Fully equipped with a stuff sack, tree straps, beer holder, tablet/phone pocket, and cynch buckles for adjusting, all you need to worry about is a couple carabiners for hanging.

Weighing in at just over 5 pounds and measuring 36"x81", the Cloudview mesh fabric holds up to 300 pounds. Unlike other hammock material you may be familiar with, the stitching of the fabric resembles that of your patio furniture, making it breathable.

If you're looking forward to socializing the outdoors way, then the Nemo Hammock is for you. Whether you're heading to the beach, hanging around the campsite, chilling at a concert, or relaxing in the backyard with friends, the Nemo Cloudview facilitates easy living in the most comfortable way.

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