Need a Laugh? Watch What Happens When Irish People Try Domino's

When it comes to whiskey, accents, and potatoes, American's love the Irish way of life. Especially if it's St. Patty's Day. But do you ever wonder how the Irish feel about iconic American chain restaurants, like our regional pizza chains? Take Domino's for instance. A chain that is practically around every corner could easily become a symbol of American cuisine. But would the Irish get as excited about Domino's as we would, say, drinking Guinness at the Guinness Brewery at St. James Gate?

Testing out the excite-o-meter, FACTS. puts our favorite panel of Irish judges to the test by delivering Domino's pizza to the table. The responses elicited from the popular pizza chain are beyond hilarious. What you may think of as that meal you get after a night of drinking with your buddies, the pizza you pick up when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere, or perhaps, all you want on your wedding registry, appears to be an Irish delicacy.

Don't believe me? Take a look.


I know I get excited when I get Domino's, well, maybe not Domino's, but I do get pretty excited when I get to eat pizza. The Irish on the other hand, not only get excited, but they're ecstatic about Domino's. Maybe a little too excited?

One has to wonder how much alcohol was involved before the taste testing began, but really there is no better drunk food than a greasy slice of pizza. Plain cheese, meat loaded, or Texas BBQ, it's all good. If no alcohol was involved in this tasting, I'm a little concerned about the girl who can't distinguish between pineapple and chicken. I mean, I know a lot of things taste like chicken, but pineapple? Let's just say she'd make a terrible vegetarian.

Pineapple, chicken, whatever it is, a few pints at the pub it all tastes good. Good enough that it'll send you into a grease, carb-filled coma that you just can't wait to get into bed with and wake up to cold leftovers to in the morning.

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