Would You Go on a Wine Safari? The Malibu Wine Safari Brings the Serengeti to California

What if you could go on a safari without needing a visa? Deep in the urban wilderness of Los Angeles County's favorite beach town, rests a slice of land dedicated to a safari heaven. In true LA fashion, however, this is no ordinary safari one would expect from going deep into Africa or riding around the tram at The Wild Animal Park in San Diego. Napa meets Africa in the Malibu Wine Safari meant for winos.

Saddle Ranch and vineyard located in Malibu is home to 1,000 acres of wildlife and wine. Riding along with a guide in an open-air safari vehicle, safari goers will have the chance to see bison, zebras, camel, alpacas, and the Ranch's very own Stanley the Giraffe.

Guests will get plenty of photo ops with the animals as the tour allows you to get up close and personal.

Passing out the local fare - carrots, bananas, and pellets - you will have the opportunity to take a handful of selfies with the stars in resident.

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And the wine? The tour will feature stops along the way to taste everything from Bisous to Zinfandel. The tour includes two wine tastings with six different wines in total.

Featuring the flavors of the nearby terrain, all wines on the safari are locally sourced, allowing you to tastes the best of what Santa Monica's wine scene has to offer.

Tour prices and packages vary. You could book the 90- minute Explorer Tour for only $65, or go all out with the $155 Vineyard and Lunch tour.

Getting more for your buck, the Vineyard and Lunch tour includes tastings, vineyard tour, the exotic animal meet and feed, exploring the Chumash cave paintings, a catered lunch, and of course, meeting Stanley.

Sorry kids, you won't get to meet Stanley. All tours are 21 and up.

Ladies, ditch the heels and grab your friends for one wild, yet classy, ride through the Santa Monica wilderness.

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