Mystery Secret Santa Pays Nearly 200 Families' Layaway Costs at Walmart

What would you do if someone handed you a check for $46,265.59? Would you invest in a new car? Perhaps you'd purchase that highfalutin Weber grill you've been gawking at for months. Is there any chance, though, that you'd consider donating it?

That's exactly what a woman known only as Santa B did. This mystery secret Santa gave a cashiers check for over $46,000.00 to the service desk of a Walmart in Everett, Pennsylvania. Why Walmart? The answer is simple: layaway.

Layaway is a system that allows people to put a deposit down to secure an item for purchase in the future. As you may expect, things put on layaway are often stranded there. When it comes to layaway, life often just, well, gets in the way.

This isn't the case when Santa B comes to town. She, along with a mysterious man who signed the hefty cashier's check, donated this money in order to pay off a whopping 194 layaway items. We'd like to think that that means 194 separate families just got one of the best gifts of the holiday season. Think that's good? It gets better: Santa B has done this before.

Walmart's corporate offices confirmed that this is the third time Santa B has spread holiday cheer at one of its Pennsylvania locations. This act of goodwill is one that, albeit peculiar, is much-needed in times when headlines are riddled with negatives. The next time you conjure up a spare $46,265.59, consider doing what Santa B and the mystery man do.

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