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Kira DeMund

Is the MyBevi Premium Travel Tumbler Better Than YETI? I Put It to the Test.


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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] know a lot of people can relate when I say that I refuse to start my day without my coffee. A full day of work and a morning full of meetings can only be powered by one thing: coffee. I put MyBevi Premium Travel Tumbler to the test to see how long this thermos can keep my coffee hot.



Kira DeMund

First things first, I must say I am impressed with how large this cup is. It stores up to 26 oz of hot beverages and cold drinks, which is perfect for hydration. Next is the color. This amethyst orchid color is gorgeous! I also love that the slider on the tumbler lid is the same color as the cup. This adds a nice touch of detail, especially if you have difficulty finding the correct lid for your tumblers.

It is also removable for easy cleaning.


Kira DeMund

I also noticed that you can add a strap to the carry ring, which is perfect for going hands-free during a hike or long walk. It is important to know that the carry ring lid is not spill-proof, so keep an eye on it if you plan on using the carry ring.

The packaging also states that it:

  • Has vacuum insulation
  • Is BPA-free
  • Made in the USA

Aside from the aesthetics, this insulated tumbler has some weight to it, so it definitely feels high-quality. Other classic tumblers I've tried have a thin inner wall which causes the outside to be too hot to hold. I also find that standard kitchen & dining drinkware are not made with the right materials and fail to keep beverages at the right temperature.

Putting It to the Test

9 AM: I placed this coffee cup underneath my Keurig, but sadly it did not fit underneath it. I used a smaller tumbler to brew my coffee and transferred it over to the MyBevi tumbler. I screwed on the lid and took a sip. Mmmm, hot coffee!


10 AM: I would normally be finished with my coffee by now if I was drinking it out of a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts cardboard cup. Usually, those types of cups make my coffee get lukewarm about 30 minutes in. The coffee in the MyBevi tumbler was still hot, which forced me to pace myself with drinking it. I witnessed the insulated double walls working!

11 AM: I had about a quarter left of coffee in my tumbler. This tumbler's temperature control made my morning cup of hot coffee last even longer, which I love.

12 PM: My coffee still tasted like I just made it, but I finished it off. The inner liner on this double-wall stainless steel tumbler is no joke!

What I Love


I must say I never had a cup of coffee last me three hours, wow! This is way better than spending all day making several cups of coffee. Now that summer is here, I will be using this tumbler as my go-to travel mug. I tested the cup holder in my car, and it fits! For reference, I drive a small 4-door sedan. My road trips will not be complete without this tumbler!

What I Don't Like

Because of the size, I wasn't able to use it with my Keurig. I will say that I have a mini-sized Keurig so this tumbler might be compatible with other full-size coffee machines. Also, depending on how tall your cabinet shelves are, storing this tumbler away might be an issue because of the size.

Final Thoughts

This is my newest favorite tumbler. My favorite feature is the lid. Other tumblers I've tried have a lid that you just pop on. Those kinds of lids don't give me a sense of security in case it is knocked over. The MyBevi lid screws on for a secured seal, and the lid slider snaps in place instead of sliding back and forth.


Kira DeMund

The pricing on this stainless steel tumbler is very reasonable. In comparison to the costs of other premium stainless steel tumbler brands such as YETI, I'd say this drinkware is well worth the money. For only $20, you get a bright and colorful stainless steel vacuum tumbler that keeps liquids at the right temperature.

I have not put any cold beverages to the test, but based on my experience with my hot coffee, I have no doubt that this tumbler will keep your drinks cold all day. Having an insulated tumbler is more eco-friendly than drinking multiple plastic water bottles throughout the day.

This tumbler has nothing but 5-star customer reviews. Lori said:

"I love this tumbler! I bought my tumbler in a gift shop and I use it everyday. It keeps ice and drinks colder longer than my Yeti! And the carrying ring is absolutely ingenious! It's easy to bring along with me, even when my hands are full. I will definitely be getting tumblers as gifts for my friends!"


A MyBevi tumbler would make the perfect gift. MyBevi has a wide range of products and colors to pick from. The rose gold canteen is a summertime must-have and the Tritan travel tumbler is perfect for the office. Gym junkies can even use these sports bottles with a copper coating. There is literally a product to add to anyone's wishlist.

Check the website for special offers. MyBevi is even on Amazon. Yay for 2-day delivery!

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