This Mouthwatering Venison Stuffing Is a Thanksgiving Must-Have

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Whether you're a newcomer to venison or a seasoned pro-venison meat eater, no one can deny just how good this venison stuffing is. Did we mention it's easy? Chop your vegetables, soften them in the pan, and let your oven do the hard work for you.

It can even be made a day or two ahead - just cook the vegetables and meat in a pan, pack tightly in storage containers, and on Thanksgiving morning, just dump it into an oven-proof skillet and bake. It will come out just as soft and fragrant as it would if you made it all in the same day.

Looking for venison? Most specialty grocery stores will carry it, but chances are, you may know a hunter who has some left in his freezer (or just bagged some this hunting season).

Recipe: Venison Stuffing