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Here's the Most Popular Pie in Each State: Do You Agree?


Whether you prefer key lime, apple, or chocolate cream, we can all agree that pie is one of America's favorite things. Any self-respecting Thanksgiving dessert table should have at least three pies, and no 4th of July should go by without a few slices of fruit pie. Matador Network worked to compile the most popular pie in each state, based on pie bakers and pie lovers from across the country.

Some states' favorite pie is affected by the climate, while others depend on the foods and products grown there. For example, Alabama is one of the biggest producers of citrus, and a refreshing, a slice lemony pie with a scoop of ice cream is the perfect way to beat the heat of an Alabama summer.

The south is known for their comfort foods, and the pie recipes that come out of this region are no exception. Americans who grow up in the south likely have a penchant for buttermilk pies, cream pies, and meringue pies. Whether you prefer a graham cracker pie crust or a classic pastry crust is up to you.

Here's the most popular pie in each state. Does your favorite pie match that of your state?


Alabama: Sweet Potato Pie

Alaska: Baked Alaska

Arizona: Arizona Sunshine Lemon Pie

Arkansas: Fried pie

California: Black bottom pies

Colorado: Palisade peach pie

Connecticut: Pumpkin pie

Delaware: Peach pie

Florida: Key lime pie

Georgia: Peach pie

Hawaii: Chocolate haupia pie

Idaho: Huckleberry pie

Illinois: Pumpkin pie

Indiana: Hoosier pie/Sugar cream pie

Iowa: Strawberry rhubarb

Kansas: Apple pie

Kentucky: Derby pie

Louisiana: Natchitoches meat pie

Maine: Blueberry pie made with Maine blueberries

Maryland: The Baltimore Bomb (vanilla custard pie with Berger cookies)

Massachusetts: Boston cream pie

Michigan: Cherry pie

Minnesota: Apple pie made with Honeycrisp apples

Mississippi: Mississippi mud pie

Missouri: Pawpaw cream pie

Montana: Huckleberry pie

Nebraska: Runza

Nevada: Onion tart

New Hampshire: Whoopie pie

New Jersey: Tomato pie

New Mexico: Frito pie

New York: Concord grape pie

North Carolina: Sweet potato pie

North Dakota: Chokecherry pie

Ohio: Buckeye pie

Oklahoma: Pecan pie

Oregon: Marionberry pie

Pennsylvania: Shoofly pie

Rhode Island: Custard pie

South Carolina: Coconut cream pie

South Dakota: Kuchen

Tennessee: Chess pie

Texas: Pecan pie

Utah: Idleberry pie

Vermont: Apple pie

Virginia: Peanut pie

Washington: Loganberry pie

West Virginia: Vinegar pie

Wisconsin: Apple pie baked in a bag

Wyoming: Rhubarb pie

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