26 Moms Reveal Their Strangest Pregnancy Cravings

The gift of life is precious, sacred, and makes ladies crave some pretty wacky things. Of course, when your entire body is making room to nurture and protect a tiny baby, it makes sense that things will change. And as everyone knows, whether it's pickle soda pop or pecan pie, a woman's body just craves and asks for certain things. The season doesn't even matter, though it does for little baby's future immune system, but a momma could crave Southern Blackberry Cobbler Blue Bell in February or want a steaming bowl of Texas chili in July. All that matters is that what Momma wants, Momma gets.

We took to Reddit to find the strangest, wackiest, and silliest pregnancy cravings we could find, and these sure did not disappoint. There are some curse words below, fair warning.

1. Ravioli with mac and cheese?

2. Sardines

3. An Asian burrito

4. Vinegar

5. Permanent markers?!

6. Fro-yo

7. Rare steak, extra blood, please.

8. Sour pickles, anyone?

9. PB and... cornflakes?

10. Chef Boyar-what?

11. The preggo taco

12. Cottage cheese makes another appearance

13. No defrost necessary

14. Gummi beers and huh?

15. Oh boy

16. Is this even real?!

17. Pancakes are the new normal

18. Meat eaters win this one

19. So, frozen water

20. Well, one is fine!

21. Fried. Chicken. Liver.

22. Just go with it

23. What now?

24. A balanced meal, almost?

25. The whole cleaning aisle

26. Olives in milk?

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