Mom Violently Attacked Inside McDonald's as Children Watched

On August 5, a Maryland mom was violently assaulted in a McDonald's in front of her two children. Although she is recovering, Lindsey Green is still covered in mottled black and blue evidence of the unprovoked attack. According to her and other bystanders, the teenagers who jumped their unsuspecting victim were not goaded into doing so. Green says that she thinks they were looking for a fight and she simply became the unsuspecting target.

When she described her injuries, she showed off the stomp marks that were left on her hips from the repeated beating. "You can actually see where they were stomping me, on both sides," she said.

She continued describing her list of injuries saying she had "A black eye. A busted lip, that's kind of gone away. Bruising under my chin." Her attack is now the focus of a full-blown police investigation. They are currently still searching for suspects. 

The Police Are Still Searching for the Culprits

Besides the shocked accounts of eyewitnesses, the main lead that the police divulged that they have access to is a picture posted to Snapchat shows Green inside the extremely crowded restaurant.

mcdonald's snapchat

Moments after that photo was taken, Green claimed that an adult woman accused her of cutting in line. However, things quickly escalated when verbal blows turned into physical ones.

The violence occurred as her 6- and 7-year-old children stood by. Eventually, by-standing customers lifted the children over the counter and into safety as the skirmish continued. 

Despite her unwillingness to fight, Green says it was so crowded inside that she had no chance of just walking away. She described it as so crowded that even the police had difficulty entering the building to stop her attackers.

The investigation is ongoing as the police look for other individuals who may have been involved in the attack. Our thoughts are with Green as she continues her recovery.

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