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10 Delicious Texas Things to Eat at Minute Maid Park


It's almost baseball season and if you already have or you're planning on purchasing baseball tickets, you're probably thinking about what you'll eat once you get to the stadium. After all, there should be plenty of options. When it comes to Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston at 501 Crawford Street, where Major League Baseball has held a World Series, you're sure to find takes on the classics as well as some new food options.


Previously named The Ballpark at Union Station, Enron Field, and Astros Field, Minute Maid Park opened in 2000 and is home of the Houston Astros of MLB. It replaced the Astrodome and was Houston's first retractable-roof stadium.

And you won't just see sports teams like the Baltimore Orioles, Arizona Diamondbacks, Cleveland Indians, Colorado Rockies, Kansas City Royals, Minnesota Twins, or New York Yankees playing there. The location also features concerts -- Weezer, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day have all been scheduled to play there soon!

So, maybe you've scored tickets to a game and wondering about all the food options. Look no further! Be sure to grab a box of Cracker Jacks and check out the 10 things you should eat at Minute Maid Park, no matter if your seating chart says you're sitting near or have a great view of left field, center field, home plate, the scoreboard, or the dugout.

1. Texas Legends Grill

In section 230, you'll find a prime rib steak sandwich as well as burgers, chicken fingers, French fries and Texas-style hot dogs from Texas Legends. Sounds like some great options for an Astros game, right?

2. Downtown Dogs


Hot dogs happen to be classic ballpark food. Astros fans, make a stop at a new stand called, Downtown Dogs in sections 111 and 431 for a fan favorite- Frito pie chili dog. Combining Frito pie, a ballpark hot dog, Texas chili, cheese sauce, and Frito corn chips, you can't go wrong with this one.

3. H-Town Grill

For a selection of healthy food options, check out H-Town Grill in sections 109, 125 and 408. They offer standard ballpark food options like hot dogs, chicken tenders, burgers and French fries. But, they also offer plant-based burgers and veggies dogs for those who are avoiding meat.


4. Casa Nacho

In section 111, you'll find Casa Nacho, home to loaded nachos, a variety of snacks and cold drinks. Choose from a ton of different toppings to create the perfect snack for a baseball game at Minute Maid Park.

5. Torchy's Tacos


Located on the mezzanine level, Torchy's Tacos, Houston's favorite taco joint will definitely score a home run with their selection of tacos. Also featuring cold beer and other snacks on the menu, you won't leave hungry after a meal from Torchy's Tacos.

6. Karbach Bar


If you're looking to sit back with a view of downtown Houston, check out Karbach Bar in section 404. Offering draft beer from Karbach Brewery, this is the perfect pit stop before the big game.

7. Texas Smoke

In section 406, you'll find a spot with some classic Texas BBQ. Think brisket, chopped beef or turkey, loaded baked potatoes and BBQ baked potatoes. Hungry, yet?


8. Shake Shack


I know in New York, we love our Shake Shack. Serving up some of the most delicious burgers, hot dogs, French fries, and thick custard shakes, you'll be very pleased with a meal from Shack Shack. Find them in section 157 and get ready for one of the best food experiences.

9. Cookies and Creamery

If you're craving something sweet head to section 219 to Cookies and Creamery. Featuring ice cream treats like sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, cookie sundaes and fresh-baked cookies, this might just be a great way to end (or start!) your foodie experience at Minute Maid Park.

10. Dat Creole

Bringing some New Orleans-style foods to a Houston stadium like seafood po'boys and meat pie will be a real treat when you make a stop at Dat Creole. You'll love getting a taste of some Creole flavors right in Texas.

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