A Minnesota Brewery Designed the Perfect Way to Share a Beer

We all know that one person who can perfectly split a can of beer into two exactly even amounts per pint glass. For those of us who are not that person, however, the Minnesota brewery Grain Belt Beer has created a solution that makes more sense that most beer gadgets. Enter the Grain Belt Dual Pour Can Topper.

The Grain Belt Dual Pour Can Topper is exactly what it sounds like: a 3-D printed, red plastic cap that fits over the top of the standard size can and distributes the beer evenly into two glasses.

Beer-sharing technology is all the rage and for only $12.90, it can be the bridge that crosses over troubled beer-sharing waters for you and your sweetheart.

Grain Belt believes that true love is fairly sharing a beer, even if it is your favorite, and we fully support this concept.

The only way to have a beer "on the rocks." ?: @clarkeyyy

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While it may be Valentine's Day-themed, this is one gift that keeps on giving all year long.

Also it's 3-D printed - how cool is that?

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