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8 Mexican Breakfast Recipes to Shake Up Your Go-to Breakfast Routine


As someone who loves Mexican food and breakfast food, I could eat chilaquiles every morning for the rest of my life. In fact, I probably would if I were given the option! Mexican breakfasts are the best breakfasts in my book, typically made with a combination of eggs, tortillas, veggies, and of course the flavorful, spicy sauces that are the true star of the show. However, Mexican breakfast options extend far beyond the classic and beloved chilaquiles.

Maybe you're looking to switch up your breakfast routine or you'd like to try a new cuisine. Either way, Mexican breakfast recipes are the way to go. You'll experience new flavors and ingredients that you never imagined eating first thing in the morning, and you won't be mad about it. Although classic American breakfasts like scrambled eggs, waffles and French toast have their place in your life, sometimes you want a meal with more flavor and excitement than your tried-and-true cheese omelet with toast.

Although making these recipes from home won't come close to what you'd taste in a breakfast cafe in Mexico City, they're still worth a try and will expand your breakfast repertoire, giving you more flavorful and unique options for your next Sunday brunch. Whether you prefer the classic breakfast burrito or you decide to get ambitious by making your own salsa verde from tomatillos and jalapeños, your breakfast experience will never be the same. Here are 8 of the most delicious Mexican breakfast recipes to try from your own kitchen!

1. Chilaquiles

If you hadn't guessed, chilaquiles are my favorite Mexican breakfast recipe. They are simply so delectable! The combo of the crispy chips, spicy sauce, onion strips and queso fresco is to die for. You can choose between salsa verde (green sauce) or salsa rojo (red sauce). My personal favorite is salsa verde, since it's a bit spicier and is just so delicious, but you really can't go wrong. To make these from home, you need corn tortillas, queso fresco (fresh cheese), Mexican crema, onions, avocado, and ingredients for the sauce.


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2. Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros are another traditional Mexican breakfast, and they're another tasty combo of tortillas, fried eggs and tasty salsa. Huevos Rancheros means "rancher's eggs" in Spanish, because in the past it was served to ranchers after a long morning of work on the ranch. Although most us of haven't earned our breakfast with such a strenuous morning, we still deserve a hearty plate of Mexican breakfast. Huevos Rancheros are made with corn tortillas, onion, tomato, green chile, chicken broth, refried beans, eggs and queso fresco, and they are oh so delicious!

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3. Breakfast Tacos

Although Breakfast Tacos are less authentic than Huevos Rancheros and Chilaquiles, and you likely won't see them on the menu when in Mexico, they're a tasty Tex-Mex option for Mexican breakfast. Plus, you can customize them however you like! Simply fill a flour tortilla or corn tortilla with your favorite taco toppings, whether that's bacon, eggs, onions, chorizo, cheese or tomatoes. Then enjoy this Mexican-inspired breakfast dish!


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4. Chorizo Breakfast Burritos

Breakfast burritos are another easy way to combine tortillas with all of your favorite breakfast flavors. This recipe involves lots of healthy veggies like onions, tomatillos, jalapeños and potatoes. The tomatillo-chipotle salsa includes chipotles in adobo, which add a delectably smoky flavor to the dish. Fill your burrito with anything you like, and make the potatoes into hash browns if you prefer for extra crispiness!

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5. Breakfast Enchiladas

These tasty enchiladas are full of flavor, from the Mexican chorizo to the pickled jalapeños to the garnish of chopped scallions. The best part, of course, is the enchilada sauce, which is made with black beans, chiles in adobo sauce, and the vinegary sauce from pickled jalapeños. The cub meld queso fresco cotijoa, or farmer's cheese, is a classic addition in many Mexican breakfasts and adds the perfect bit of fluffy cheesiness. I always top with ripe avocado slices for the full experience!


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6. Mexican Breakfast Bowls

Mexican Breakfast Bowls are another option that allow you to personalize based on your taste preferences. This recipe includes veggies like sweet potatoes, onions, avocado and cilantro. You can also add in some bell pepper, tomatoes or zucchini if you like. For the protein, it features chorizo and black beans. Garnish with hot sauce and sour cream and you're all set for a Mexican-inspired breakfast!

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7. Molletes Mexicanos With Refried Beans

Molletes were something I often saw on menus when I traveled in Mexico, and for a while I had no idea what they were. When I eventually ordered one out of curiosity, I fell in love with the simple, comforting cheesiness that encompasses this Mexican dish. This recipe has only five ingredients- Mexican rolls, butter, refried beans, shredded cheese, and pico de gallo. Choose whichever cheese you like best and enjoy this easy Mexican breakfast.


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8. Migas

Migas are another simple and typical Mexican breakfast food that are perfect for something quick, easy and tasty. You'll fry corn tortillas in vegetable oil to make your own crispy tortilla chips, which go perfectly with the eggs and sautéed veggies. These are usually served with black beans, queso fresco, and avocado slices. Add a spicy salsa on the side for an added kick.

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