Mexican Authorities Seize 10,000 Gallons of Tainted Alcohol from Resorts

Mexican authorities are cracking down on unregulated alcohol at tourists resorts in Cancun and Playa de Carmen. In an investigation of 31 different locations that also includes nightclubs and restaurants, authorities seized 10,000 gallons of tainted alcohol. During the seizer, authorities discovered one particular manufacturer that was supplying the bad alcohol.

The crackdown comes after vacationers began complaining about experiencing blackouts after consuming even the smallest quantities of alcohol at Mexican resorts. Vacationers of varying ages - both men and women - reported waking up with no recollection. The tainted alcohol was not subject to one specific type as rum, tequila, and even beer were consumed.

Ibesotar was the main resort chain believed to be guilty of serving the illicit alcohol. Last January, 20-year old Wisconsin woman Abbey Conor died at the chain's Parasio Maya after consuming resort alcohol. Since then, the U.S. has issued a warning to travelers about the dangers of drinking at Mexican resorts.

Among the raid, two locations were suspended from serving tainted alcohol - including the Parasio Maya and Cancun bar Fat Tuesday. At the Iberostar lobby bar some bottles didn't even have labels.

According to the Journal Sentinel, government officials claimed the alcohol had "bad manufacturing" and would not release the name of the discovered manufacturer responsible for the tainted alcohol.

This is not the first instance of alcohol being seized. The government has known about the issue for some time now. Since 2010, 1.4 million gallons of alcohol have been seized from small local bars to larger resort chains in Mexico. And in a 2017 Euromonitor International report, it was revealed that 36 percent of alcohol consumed throughout Mexico is illegal. Government officials plan on continuing to crackdown on the "bad manufacturing" of alcohol throughout the country.

In the sweep, regulators also found various violations not in relations to tainted alcohol. The Journal Sentinel reported a list of establishments cited for unsanitary conditions and other violations. The locations include: Hotel Iberostar Paraíso Lindo, Hotel Iberostar Grand Paraíso, La Chopería, Los forgotten, McCarthy's Coco Bongo, Mexico Loco, Guy Fieri's, Iberostar Hotel, Hooters, La Vaquita, Blue Gecko, Dady'O, Mr. Frogs, Crab House, Fred's House, Porfirio's Cancun, The Distillery, La Casa del Habano, and Carlos'n Charlie's.

Although the government has cracked down, it's still best to know before you go. Be cautious when ordering alcohol. Even named branded bottles can contain something else. When in doubt, avoid it. If you are traveling to Mexico, please visit the visit the U.S. Bureau travel page for more safety information.

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