Metallica Guitarist Releases Ghoul Screamer, a Specialty Coffee Blend

If you're asked to liken coffee to something, more often than not you'll choose wine. With all the nuanced aromas and flavors, it's difficult to escape the parallel. However, there is also an argument to be made that coffee is a lot like rock and roll.

Think about it. Both jolt you awake and keep you energized throughout your day. And both can be an absolutely raw infusion of flavor.

Amped Up Coffee

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that Kirk Hammett, the current guitarist of the mainstream heavy metal band Metallica has teamed up with Chicago-based coffee bar chain Dark Matter Coffee to create his own specialty coffee blend.

Hammett also has a guitar pedal company, KHDK, from which he took the name of his "signature" pedal to name his coffee. Both called Ghoul Screamer, the coffee at least is a blend specifically balanced to turn up the noise. 

According to the description, imbibers should proceed with caution. "Only warriors of the sacred caffeine-to-blood ratio will wield the power of Ghoul Screamer, a fully fermented brew with waves of untamed punch. Those unworthy will be consumed by its force," the blend's description reads.

The Guitarist's Blend

Hammett can be seen impersonating a Q-grader and testing different coffees that are used in the blend. He paused mid-sip of an El Salvadorian brew and claimed that "This is how coffee should always taste," he says, "This is better than Häagen-Dazs coffee ice cream."

Needless to say, there is probably some strong Central American influence in his Ghoul Screamer. He did after all give the El Salvadorian coffee a "triple thumbs up."

Clearly, Hammett is a fan, now the question is, are you? Let us know @wideopeneats if you've tried this screamingly good blend yet.

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