These Adorable Succulents Look Like Mermaid Tails

Don't you just love unusual looking plants? Some succulents look like dolphins, hummingbirds, roses, and even bunnies. Here at Wide Open Eats, we are genuinely fascinated with succulent plants and their uncanny resemblances to objects. The most recent plant we're in awe of the Crested Senecio Vitalis. Your succulent garden in your front yard never looked any better!

The crested senecio vitalis, better known as blue chalk fingers or blue chalksticks, is a rare succulent that looks like a blue-green mermaid tail. We're not sure what caused this fabulous mutation, but we're in love. This succulent looks like our favorite Disney Princess' shiny fin! Whether you use it for full sun groundcover, in your rock garden, or as an indoor plant, this mermaid tail succulent is sure to make every grower happy.

The crested senecio vitalis can grow up to two feet tall and is drought tolerant. It's getting hot outside, which means it's the perfect time to add a "mermaid tail plant" to your succulent collection. It's almost summer, so you already know mermaids are about to be back in style.

Pay homage to your favorite folklore creature (or Disney Princess), and revive your fall garden with a bright and cheery shade of green from a crested senecio vitalis. You can find narrow-leaf chalksticks on Amazon. I'm adding this plant to my Amazon wish list today.

I don't know about you, but 'Under The Sea' is already stuck in my head. My mermaid obsession is officially back, and if there's anything that can cheer me up while social distancing, it's keeping an array of unique succulents as houseplants. (Also watching The Little Mermaid on Disney Plus.)

If you're looking for beautiful flowers that are a bit unusual, look no further than night sky petunias. Check out our article about the breathtaking plant. These gorgeous plants truly look like a painting of a gorgeous night sky. If you Google pictures of them, you'll come across petals that have a darker shade of purple, and more specs that look like stars.

Be sure to check out Home Depot and Walmart for all of your gardening needs.

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