Meet the First Whiskey Cocktail in a Can, Debuted from Slow & Low

Have you ever been at a tailgate or a barbecue and had a craving for a whiskey cocktail? Let's be honest, it's not a travel-friendly beverage. Well it wasn't, until now.

Cooper Spirits' Slow & Low is a Philadelphia-born whiskey distillery that's bringing a rejuvenating shot of whiskey to Kensington. But that's not all they're rejuvenating.

Slow & Low's 84-Proof Rock and Rye whiskey cocktail is now being sold by the can. It's the first whiskey cocktail in can-form and true to their name, it's best enjoyed slow and low. In its 100ml, 3.4-ounce form, you can even bring it on the airplane should you choose.

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Rock and Rye isn't only their name for their whiskey - it's based on an 1800s recipe for the first bottled cocktail also known as, you guessed it, the rock and rye. Slow & Low's take on it includes rye whiskey, raw honey, Angostura bitters, dried navel oranges, and a tiny dose of rock candy.

It's time to start associating the crack of a fresh can with a whiskey cocktail, and Slow & Low is taking the first leap.

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