Meat Lovers Unite: New Emojis to Include Steak, Pie, and Way More

Do you speak emoji? If you own a smartphone, you probably do. Those who have long lamented the lack of steak or sandwich emoji, Emojipedia heard your complaints loud and clear, which is why the Version 5.0 update, appearing on June 30, 2017 will feature an array of missing food items.

The new update will feature a coconut, broccoli, a soft pretzel, steak, a sandwich, what looks like cereal maybe, a can of tomatoes, an empanada, a fortune cookie, a Chinese takeout box, a pie, a fast food drink (McDonald's Coca-Cola, perhaps?), and chopsticks.


Obviously there are other additions apart from food, including a bearded emoji and a giraffe. Oh and yes, those are dinosaurs. Looks like we have a T-rex and a Brontosaurus in the works.

It should be noted that these images are just mock-ups for press release, and are not indicative of the final appearance in June. However, I can't imagine the pie changing that much, which is probably my favorite.

And that can of tomatoes? Genius. Italian home cooks everywhere are rejoicing they can finally represent their San Marzano ingredients by emoji now. But you know grillmasters will favor the steak emoji - just in time for summer barbecuing!

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