The Real Reason The McFlurry Spoon is Hollow

There's nothing better than a sweet, creamy McFlurry on a hot summer's day. But let's be real, McFlurries are yummy no matter the weather. These tasty ice cream desserts are a McDonald's classic, and they come in amazing flavors like oreo, snickers, and even doughnut ball! If you've ever had the pleasure of eating a McDonald's McFlurry, you've probably wondered why its spoon is hollow if you can't drink out of it.

The McFlurry Spoon Secret Revealed

McDonald's is the world's largest fast food chain, and you can enjoy its greasy deliciousness almost anywhere in the world. While many people dislike McDonald's for its processed and unhealthy food, others love this classic fast food restaurant. No one goes to McDonald's to be healthy, we go because we love crispy fries and juicy big macs. However, many McDonald's fans have pondered over the McFlurry's strangely square and hollow spoon.

A tiktok user whose social media name is marzpire cleared up the confusion once and for all by taking a video of the spoon in use. This tiktok trend video on YouTube reveals many of McDonald's secrets, including marzpire's revelation. By interviewing McDonald's employees, we can see behind the scenes in McDonald's, learning how different menu items are made and hearing from McDonald's workers.

As shown by marzpire, the square hole of the McFlurry spoon is made to fit perfectly into the McFlurry machine! The end of the spoon connects with the machine, and then a button is pressed and the machine mixes the McFlurry!

This exposé on the quirkily square and hollow spoon of the McDonald's McFlurry swept the internet in April when marzpire released this surprising piece of information. This was at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and many people were using tiktok for comedic relief. After all, watching funny and informational videos of strangers is some of the most exciting social interaction we can get during covid.

ice cream maker

Thanks to tiktok, the next time you hit up the McDonald's drive-thru and start eating a delicious Oreo McFlurry, you'll see its distinctively hollow spoon in a whole new light!

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