McDonald's to Use Fresh Beef in Its Quarter Pounders by 2018

Food documentaries can truly open one's eyes. For those of us that have seen Super Size Me and Food Inc., there's truly no reason to ever eat at a chain like McDonald's ever again. The fast-food giant undeniably felt this heat and, over the past few years, has been reacting.

Following their recent commitments to stop using chicken tainted with antibiotics and to use solely cage-free, the company has a big announcement. McDonald's is slated to use fresh beef in its quarter pounders by 2018.

When we read this headline, we asked ourselves some important questions. Why don't they use fresh beef now? What happened to those all-beef patties they used to sing about? Why only quarter pounders? And, lastly, huh?

McDonald's discusses the change, saying that by mid-2018 all quarter pounders will be made freshly when ordered. While most restaurants would be appalled by this "improvement," it is a big step in the right direction for the fast food chain. Images of pink slime are still fresh on everyone's mind, so it's nice to know that some McDonald's locations will be making beef to-order.

Quarter Pounder + Cheese + Your Lunch Hour = Happiness

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If you noticed that we said "some McDonald's" up there and thought it was a mistake, it wasn't. This change will be implemented "across the majority of its restaurants," says the website. We want to be excited about this, and we know we should be, but it just seems like something that should've been implemented from the get-go.

This fresh, cooked-to-order beef project was tested in "325 restaurants across the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area and 77 restaurants in Tulsa, Oklahoma." The article says people loved it, but it doesn't necessarily mention why.

While we love the commitment to use cage-free eggs and chicken raised without antibiotics, we'll have to let you know how we feel about the fresh beef if we're able to track down a location that uses it next year.

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