How Many of These 12 McDonald's Secret Menu Items Have You Tried?

Just like at Whataburger, our friends over at McDonald's have their very own secret menu. Most fast-food chains like KFC and Burger King (and even Starbucks) have their own version of a secret menu, making it a bit more fun to eat something that's not even on a menu. It's like the kitchen is creating something special just for you.

Most McDonald's secret menu items are actually created by customers which means most stores don't know these menu items even exist. You cannot go up to the fast-food counter and ask for one of these menu hacks-instead, we'll give you the instructions on how to build these creations yourself by ordering off the regular menu. Let's get right to McDonald's Secret Menu before the ice cream machine breaks down again.

1. Poor Man's Big Mac

Want to enjoy the taste of a Big Mac without the price tag? Make yourself a Poor Man's Big Mac for only $1.50. You can't argue with that.

To get this cheaper version of McDonald's signature sandwich order a McDouble with Big Mac sauce (the special sauce), lettuce, and onion. Ask them to leave the ketchup and pickles out to make this as authentic as possible.

2. McKinley Mac

This Big Mac rivals the mountain it's named after. Boasting quarter-pounder burgers, this big mac packs in 1/2 pound of meat making this a hearty meal. To order one of these sandwiches ask for a Big Mac with quarter-pound beef patties. As simple as that.

3. Fresh Chicken Nuggets

Make sure your nuggets are made fresh to order by ordering this secret menu item. Like most fast-food restaurants, top sellers like fries and chicken nuggets are made in large batches, kept under a heater then served when an order comes in. When ordering your next meal of chicken nuggets ask for them "fresh" and you won't be disappointed.

4. McCrepe

Add a French flair to your morning taste buds with this clever menu hack. Order a Fruit 'N Yogurt Parfait and an order of Hotcakes. Once the food arrives, drizzle the parfait in the pancakes and fold, drizzling with syrup and topping with granola. Thank you McDonald's secret menu!

5. Neapolitan Shake 

This one is a total game-changer in the summertime. Enjoy the flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry in this creamy and icy shake. To order this shake ask that all three flavors are added in the shake. They will usually layer the shake so make sure to use a straw to swirl the layers together a tad before enjoying.

6. The Mc 10:35

Before McDonald's rolled out their All-Day Breakfast you had a very short window of time to order this delicious sandwich. Lucky for you McDonald's now serves breakfast all day, making this meal available at all times.

To make your own version of this brunch-inspired sandwich order an Egg McMuffin and a McDouble. Remove the beef patties from the McDouble and place them in the Egg Muffin. It's breakfast and lunch all in one meal.

7. The Apple Pie McFlurry

It's like an apple pie a la mode in shake form. To order this sweet treat ask for a baked apple pie to be added to your McFlurry. Sometimes they will blend it in with your McFlurry or you'll have to crumble it up yourself and add it into the McFlurry yourself. Whichever way you do it, it's an ice cream treat for the senses.

8. McBrunch Burger

This monster of a burger is a combination of a Jalapeño Mcdouble and an Egg McMuffin. You can either eat both buns or opt for a mix of an English muffin and a hamburger bun. Order a side of hash browns to stuff into the burger to make it over-the-top delicious.

9. Land, Sea, and Air Burger

Not satisfied with just a plain ol' cheeseburger? Enjoy three different proteins with this hefty burger. Loaded with a McChicken patty, Filet-O-Fish, and an all-beef patty, this burger packs all your favorites. To create this sandwich order a McChicken sandwich, a McDouble and a Filet-O-Fish. Stack the sandwiches with as many buns as desired.

10. McAffogato

Make your McDonald's run next level fancy by adding a shot of espresso to your soft serve vanilla ice cream. You're welcome!

11. Big McChicken

Who needs hamburger buns when you have chicken?! Order a regular Big Mac and three McChickens and replace the bread with the chicken patties. It's not the cheapest hack, but it sure is tasty!

12. Monster Mac

mconalds secret menu
Hack the Menu

We left the biggest for last in today's list. Topped with eight (yes, eight) beef patties, this burger requires a knife and fork to eat. Order a Monster Mac or if the McDonald's employee has no idea what you are talking about, simply ask for an eight-patty Big Mac.

This article was originally published on Dec. 24, 2019.

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