McDonald's Launches a Fancy Location on New York City's 6th Ave.

How about a French pastry with your French fries? A sleek, modern, French-inspired McDonald's has opened its doors on Sixth Avenue in the upscale Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, the Daily News reports.

Located at 809 6th Ave., the new store -- labeled McCafé outside -- features self-service ordering kiosks, open counter ordering area, a sleek, modern interior, communal seating, event table services and waiters.

Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets and classic Apple Pies are available right alongside the restaurant's new Signature Chef Crafted sandwiches, along with croissants, chocolatines, Muffin Toppers (muffin tops in Lemon Poppy Seed, Double Chocolate or Blueberry), Cinnamon Cream Cheese and Raspberry Petite Pastries, Cinnamon Coffee Cake -- even a new version of their Baked Apple Pie.

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The redesign was handled by French designer Patrick Norguet, whom the company hired in 2011 to renovate its holdings in France.

This is far from the only McDonald's to break the traditional franchise mold -- last month, a location opened in the Vatican City.

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