If You Live in This Texas City, McDonald's Minute Maid Slushies Are Coming to You

Just in time for the heat of the Texas summer, McDonald's will unveil a line of three Minute Maid Slushies -- but only in one Texas city. As Brand Eating reports, McDonald's stores in the Houston area will begin testing the new fruit punch, cherry limeade and orangeade frozen beverages on April 10, where they'll likely be available through the end of summer.

Don't these McDonald's Minute Maid Slushies just look thirst-quenching, perfect for a long hot summer day?

Brand Eating

No word yet on if they'll migrate to the rest of the country from the Third Coast. So Houstonians, it's up to y'all to make sure these are successful for the rest of us. We want to try them, too!

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