How Good Does This McDonald's Bacon Mac & Cheese Sandwich Look?

Here's a new reason to book a plane ticket to Asia: the Bacon Mac & Cheese Toastie, exclusive from McDonald's. The Hong Kong branch of the fast food company released the "toastie" (essentially, a grilled cheese sandwich) this month as part of their McCafe menu. The Bacon Macaroni & Cheese Toastie features hot and gooey macaroni and cheese with bacon sandwiched between grill-pressed bread.

At the same time, McDonald's Hong Kong also introduced a vegetarian version of the sandwich--the Corn & Cheese Champignon Toastie--with champignon mushrooms, sweet corn, and melted cheese between grill-pressed bread. The Corn & Cheese Champignon toastie may have pulled culinary inspiration from a popular Korean side dish known as "cheese corn". 

More unique menu items at McDonald's Hong Kong


In addition to the mac and cheese toasties, McDonald's Hong Kong serves a more traditional toastie with ham, egg, and cheese. Other menu items unique to Hong Kong McDonald's include:

  • Cheesy Champignon Angus Burger

  • Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Burger

  • Garden Breeze Grilled Chicken Burger with guacamole

  • Crayfish & Egg Mayo Croissant (McCafe)

  • Iced Soy Milk Matcha tea (McCafe)

How many of those do you wish were stateside? What we wouldn't give in Texas for the Garden Breeze Grilled Chicken Burger with Guacamole!

Creative menu items from McDonald's around the world

McDonald's Hong Kong isn't the only fast-food joint that gets creative with the fryer. International McDonald's are notorious for their locally inspired twists on McDonald's classics. Here are some of our favorites from recent years:

1. McPaneer Royale: McDonald's India

To accommodate a widely vegetarian population, McDonald's India once served a meat-free sandwich with paneer cheese, jalapeno, and a cheesy onion sauce.

2. Samurai Pork Burger: McDonald's Thailand

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McDonald's Thailand unleashes this teriyaki pork burger for limited periods during certain times of the year.

3. Tzatziki wrap: McDonald's Europe

McDonald's Croatia, Hungary, Sweeden, and Belgium have reportedly offered their own versions of the Tzatziki wrap with different meats but the same Greek-style yogurt sauce.

4. McNürnburger: McDonald's Germany

This locally inspired burger includes three bratwursts served on a bun with onions and mustard.

5. Mashed Potato Burger: China

The Mashed Potato Burger featured a beef patty topped with--you guessed it--mashed potatoes.

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