McDonald’s Has Officially Launched a Curbside Pickup App

More than 40 years after it revolutionized the fast-food experience with its first drive-thru, McDonald's has introduced mobile ordering and curbside pickup -- in addition to a few other consumer-centric innovations -- in an effort to win back its dwindling market share.

The company announced in its March 1 Global Growth Plan that it would unveil its new mobile ordering app and bring curbside-pickup service to about 20,000 locations by the end of 2017.


On-the-go diners can order and pay from the app, and personalize their profile with preferred payment options and customized menus.

From there, they can pick their order up at the drive-thru window, inside at the restaurant counter, or have it brought right out to the car in a curbside parking spot.

The move comes as McDonald's fight for continued supremacy in a market increasingly dominated by "better burger" chains; in the U.S. alone, McDonald's customer traffic dropped 2.1 percent, translating to millions and millions of customers each year.


"To deliver sustained growth, we have to attract more customers, more often," CEO Steve Easterbrook said in a statement.

"Through enhanced technology to elevate and modernize the customer experience, a focus on the quality and value of our food and redefined convenience through delivery, we have a bold vision for the future and the urgency to act on it."

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McDonald's future-facing overhaul doesn't end at the curb, though; the company has already installed self-service ordering kiosks in several stores across the country -- including its upscale Sixth Avenue location in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

The company is also ramping up its delivery service in global markets like China and South Korea, where its delivery service is already a $1 billion per year market, and has said it could expand the service stateside.

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