McDonald's is Bringing Back the Beloved Dollar Menu

Remember the McDonald's Dollar Menu? That seems crazy rhetorical! It was such an iconic fast food menu that everyone knew about it (and talked about it all the time). No matter what fast food chain you preferred, be it Burger King to Taco Bell, nothing really beat the McDonald's Dollar Menu. Even the mountain ski towns of Colorado had the menu (although everything is more expensive there, so $1 burgers cost $1.59).

Guess what - it's back! The chain plans to roll out a new value menu with items priced at $1, $2, and $3 in early 2018. Details are scarce about what the new menu will offer, but I would wager they'll include cheeseburgers, fries, and other simple menu items like a large sweet tea and apple pie. Do you think they'll put the hot fudge sundae on the budget menu?

It's been a long time, so we're super excited. In 2012, McDonald's created the "Extra Value Menu." It failed to attract customers until they rolled out the "Dollar Menu & More," which had items up to $5 but all we remember is those one buck treats. Unfortunately for consumers, McDonald's killed this Dollar Menu in 2014. Customers loved the Dollar Menu, but franchises didn't. The most successful menu revamps recently occurred when they announced all day breakfast and mobile ordering, giving customers the coveted Sausage McMuffin all day along.

They've been trying to attract the value-conscious customers ever since. We saw the "McPick 2" menu in 2015 where they tried a two for $5 (unsuccessfully). $1 soft drinks have helped bring back some customers, but nothing has really attracted the customer they lost since the iconic Dollar menu.

McDonald's has tried everything to come out of their years-long sales slump, but until recently they had been decreasing sales since 2012. Most recently, the all day breakfast has really helped turn the business around. Their McCafe campaign is having positive results, inspired by the success of Starbucks, even though it includes purchasing $12,000 in espresso machines. We've also seen some positive sustainability messages in 2016, with the sourcing of antibiotic and cage-free chickens for their famous McNuggets and fresh beef for the Quarter Pounder burger.

A New Day for McDonald's

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In a call with investors, CEO Steve Easterbrook says they're " building a better McDonald's and winning back customers with great tasting food, compelling value, and an enhanced experience." Whatever they're doing seems to be working in America, showing a substantial increase in sales for the first time since 2013.

According to Bloomberg, almost 100 percent of franchise owners have signed up to participate in the new value program. That means it should be coming to the nearest fast food giant location soon! What items are you hoping will make it on the new Dollar Menu (I'm all about the double cheeseburger and the sausage biscuit!)?

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