McDonald's Joins the Hot Sauce Game with New Sriracha Mac Sauce

McDonald's is spicing things up with the introduction of current favorite condiment: sriracha. That's right--the spicy, vinegary chili sauce in the midst of its sudden renaissance will make its McDebut mixed with the chain's signature Mac Sauce for (drumroll please) Sriracha Mac Sauce.

The new sauce will be featured on a couple new menu items, especially the Signature Sriracha Sandwich option, which comes with your choice of protein -- ground beef patty or grilled or crispy chicken -- topped with sliced onions, kale -- another favorite among millennials -- and baby spinach, tomato and white cheddar, along with a smear of the new Sriracha Mac Sauce.


We already know how much folks like Mac Sauce. And McDonald's isn't the only fast food chain upping the ante lately when it comes to offerings. Wendy's is going headfirst into the queso trend, Chick-fil-A introduced family-style meals and macaroni and cheese, and Tabasco broke the internet with its new Scorpion Sauce.

If you're not in the mood for a signature sandwich, you can--for a limited time--order it on the side to dip McNuggets in, if that's what you're into.

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