Can You Name All the McDonald's Characters From Your Childhood?

When you think of McDonald's restaurants the first thing that probably pops into your head is their perfectly salty French fries, the big Golden Arches, or their questionable pink slime chicken mcnuggets. If you grew up eating McDonald's you may remember their cute and totally creepy McDonald's characters. Birthday parties with the Happy Meal gang were a thing for awhile, and many people have just as many memories of these jumpsuit-wearing monstrosities as they have of Disney's famous mascots. Since these mascots were plastered all over meal boxes, they've become somewhat popular with the collectible community as well.

The fast food giant used certain mascots to advertise and bring publicity to certain menu items from the 1970s-1990s. The characters were used in the play places and McDonaldland commercials. The commercials stopped airing in 2003, but the most well-known character, Ronald McDonald, still appears in Happy Meal toys and commercials. We would be impressed if you could name all of the McDonald's characters, but just in case you can't, we've got you covered.

McDonald's Characters

1. Ronald McDonald

The star of the McDonaldland characters and official mascot of McDonald's, everyone recognizes his bright red hair.

2. Sundae

Ronald McDonad's dog's legacy lives on, even though he appeared only a handful of times in the '90s.

3. The Hamburglar

He was known for stealing hamburgers, but in a cute and lovable way.

4. Grimace

This giant purple character was most known for saying "duh" before every sentence.

5. Birdie the Early Bird

Birdie was the first female character and was introduced to promote new breakfast items.

6. The Fry Kids

They were originally known as the gobblins for stealing French fries. They were also known as the fry guys.

7. Mayor McCheese

This mayor was a giant cheeseburger and not so effective at running the town.

8. Officer Big Mac

This officer was the sheriff known for law and order. Unfortunately, he was removed in the '80s.

9. Captain Crook

Also referred to as The Captain, this pirate tried to take as many filet o fish sandwiches as possible.

10. The Professor

The professor invented live talking food items called McNugget Buddies.

11. Uncle O'Grimacey

This green monster was invented to help promote the Shamrock milkshake.

12. Cosmc

He was an alien character who visited McDonaldland. He was also in the video game, MC Kids.

13. Iam Hungry

This short lived character's only job was to say, "I am hungry."

13. Evil grimace

His name is fitting since he stole milkshakes and terrified kids in real life.

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