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I Tried the McBrunch Burger and It's The Perfect Hangover Cure


Grumpy and groggy, waking up the morning after drinking one too many Jack and Cokes can be a job in itself. Thankfully fast food exists and can help soak up the last of the alcohol in your system. But sometimes a McGriddle can't even cut it. Enter the McDonald's secret menu McBrunch Burger. One bit of this secret menu item will have you wide-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to take on the day.

What is the McBrunch Burger?

Lyndsay Burginger

Also known as the Mc10:35, this secret menu item is a combination of a double cheeseburger, egg McMuffin, and hash browns. Mcdonald's employees will most likely not know this menu item by name, so you might have to order this menu hack separately and put it together on your own. Fast food chain employees don't know all the secret items, so please be nice!

How to Order the McBrunch Burger

Before 2020, McDonald's used to serve all-day breakfast, making this combo easy to put together. However, since the pandemic started, McDonald's has gone back to only serving breakfast in the morning. Because of this, you have a very small window in which these items will both be available. I had to go into the store around 10:25 and order the breakfast portion and wait until 10:30 to order the McDouble. This menu option is best suited for walk-in orders rather than the drive-thru.

Simply order a egg McMuffin meal, wait a few minutes for the menu to change, then order a McDouble. Remove the buns and add the beef patties to the McMuffin.


Variations on the Brunch Burger


McDonald?s McBrunch Burger.....altered #dakwub

? WAP - Lardi B

TikToker Theglasssniper is known for trying out different fast food secret menu items (everything from the Big McChicken to Arby's Meat Mountain). The TikTok user gained millions of views for his order of the McBrunch Burger, however, once he got home he realized they didn't add egg, but rather they added sausage. It was still good, but it goes to show that you can make this brunch burger any way you like.

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