Mayochup Sauce Is More Polarizing Than the 2016 Election

No condiment is more polarizing than mayonnaise. Unlike hot sauce or mustard, two universally loved condiments, mayo is just so polarizing. You either love it or hate it and if it's the latter, boy do you despise it. Ketchup is another tricky condiment. Some folks love it slathered on hot dogs, hamburgers, and even macaroni and cheese. Others simply can't stand the sweeter tomato-based spread and make a point to let everyone know that tomato ketchup is, indeed, a disgrace. If you love mayonnaise and ketchup, then you'll love this news.

Heinz, purveyor of backyard BBQ condiments, introduced a confusing and clever new sauce known as Mayochup. The color of the Mayochup sauce is slightly off-putting, but if these are your two favorite sauces, you are in serious luck. Before we get into the reactions, it's important to note that mayonnaise is a common dipping sauce for french fries and the like, especially in Great Britain.

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So what did people have to say about this deeply upsetting condiment? Turns out Heinz Mayochup mayonnaise is really divisive.

Where can you find this in stores? It's available in the Middle East from The Sultan Centre and Margin Fresh with an awful lot of shipping costs for those on other continents. Heinz has no plans to introduce this to Western markets, but judging by the reactions, a fan base already exists for this sauce that ends up being a time-saver if you already mix the two.

This kind of sauce is known as prawn cocktail in the United Kingdom and even as Marie Rose sauce. To make it at home, mix mayonnaise, tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, and pepper in a small bowl. You can add cayenne pepper for an extra kick. Genius Kitchen has a great, easy recipe to make your own at home. Others just call it pink sauce and don't give it a second thought.

Arctic Circle, the maker of the Original French Fry Sauce, might push back on the idea that this a brand new idea, too, since every Midwesterner knows that Fry Sauce is indeed a 50/50 blend of mayonnaise and ketchup.

Do you mix mayonnaise and ketchup, or are these two condiments your least favorite?

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