McDonald's Customer Walks to Counter and Does This Instead of Ordering

In a Texas McDonald's this week, a regular, mystery customer decided to pay it forward and gave each employee a $100 bill for their hard work and kindness. The best part? It was all caught on tape.

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, decided to take his kindness a step further one day and handed out $100 bills to each of the workers in the Fort Worth restaurant. He did not order from the menu, but instead walked up to the cashier and presented them with the money, as CBS DFW reports.

A woman named Lisa Davila, who says the anonymous man is her boss, wanted to share the story behind the video to provide a bit of kindness in the world once the news station asked. Apparently, a young lady was crying at the register, and "it just broke his heart. So, he went over there and he asked her what was going on and she was going through some tough times."

The man understood how it felt, as he has recently been diagnosed with cancer. While he is at the beginning of his struggle, as Davila notes, "It's going to be a long road for him."

The man left enough money for all 33 employees to receive a $100 bill, even those who were not on shift that day. The staff has a thank-you card ready to repay the mystery man for his kindness, and our thoughts go out to him, as well.

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