Only in Texas: Man Breaks into BBQ Truck and Returns the Very Next Day

There comes a time in every person's life when early-morning BBQ becomes a must. In fact, most Texas barbecue joint lines begin in the wee early morning hours, like Franklin Barbecue which boasts a line beginning around 5:00 AM. Most of us, when confronted with this barbecue craving would simply buy some barbecue. For others, however, the thrill of the chase is too satisfying that they become BBQ burglars.

Just like the Hamburglar would, an Austin man was reported fleeing the East Austin barbecue truck, Bar B Que Heaven at 519 E. Seventh St., at 10:57 a.m. on October 22. As the food truck was closed for business at the time, officers found the side door of the truck was hanging open and the glass had been broken to force entry.  The hungry BBQ patron was eventually identified as 31-year-old Mark Everett Guard III after being confirmed by video and eyewitnesses. 

BBQ Austin, Texas, style... feom a trailer, with a wire spool as a table.

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One of the owners of the barbecue truck came by to enumerate the items Mr. Guard had damaged in his hangry frenzy. The damage was recorded on the arrest warrant.

"One large plastic tub of potato salad had been removed from the refrigerator and partially eaten, along with other meats which had been left out," the arrest warrant affidavit stated. "[The owner] nor any employee from BBQ Heaven gave any person permission to enter the locked building and take/eat items."

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After cataloging the initial damage and sending out an alert for the man's arrest, Bar B Que Heaven called 9-1-1 again and explained that the suspect had returned to the crime scene.

Upon their return, police spotted the man about a block away from the food truck. Although not specified, we assume he was devouring the second portion of barbecue. However, we do know that Guard did not offer any information about the burglary to police officers at the time of the arrest.

Guard faces a state jail felony of burglary of a building. His bond is set at $7,500. Next time, it pays to wait in line, or at least until daybreak.

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