Make Your Own Potato Chips with This Retro Twister and Peeler

This spiral twister is perfect for concocting your own blend of savory and flavored potato chips. The Nostalgia Spiral Twister is going to get you making your own potato crisps, zucchini pasta, and more, and it only costs $34.19.

If you thought this was a dream or only found at state fairs, but you really can make your own delicious snacks for such a low price. This machine is built with 3 different cutting blades so you can spiral and shred.


The small to medium blades can make onion straws or zucchini noodles while the spiral blade can make apple crisps and potato chips.

There is also a simple peeling blade for the dreaded task of peeling the skin off of your apples and potatoes.

This simple one-touch operated spiral twister also comes with a recipe manual (heck yes!) and 10-bamboo skewers to help you host your first potato on a stick party. I know, it sounds crazy but it's totally a thing.

Whether you are making a healthy dinner or cooking up something for the kids, this retro twister and peeler will the make the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Making vegetables fun is the first step to instilling a love of nutritious foods in your little ones, and you'll just love easily making your own potato chips. So the real question here is, What will be the first flavors you make?