Make Your Own Big Mac at Home with This Better-Than-Original Copycat Recipe

Whether you're a fan of sandwiches comprised of two beef patties on three pieces of bread or not, millions of McDonald's Big Macs are sold each year and they're made on that very same setup. A 2007 article celebrating the burger's 40th birthday says Mickey D's once claimed to sell 550 million of the things annually. Regardless of what that number is today, they undoubtedly still sell quite a lot of them (if not more altogether).

So why does the home of the golden arches sell so many blah, blah, blah on a sesame seed bun? Was it that 1975 jingle? (It doesn't actually say blah, blah, blah, if you remember it correctly.) Or could it be that they're just that good?

You guessed it: They're just that good. As with most dishes, though, a home touch makes this fast food classic even tastier. That's why we've scoured the internet for what we feel to be the most appetizing Big Mac copycat recipe, and we found it on Baking Equals Love.

We hope the lack of sesame seeds on the bun doesn't turn you off. If it does, feel free to sub and swap at your own leisure. We all know that the Hamburglar would.

Homemade Big Macs

The Buns


You begin with the buns, because every good thing starts from the bottom up. This recipe is fairly straightforward when it comes to a bread recipe. You have your regular players: yeast, flour, white sugar, among others.

The real beauty of this recipe is building a burger on the warm buns (get it?), and watching all of the flavors come together.

The Special Sauce

Baking = Love

Mayonnaise and French dressing unite as the base for the Special Sauce that also features a few flavorful surprises, like sugar and vinegar. And that color? Well, it's a lot more appealing than the McDonald's version.

Make this ahead (or just always keep a batch on hand for, you know, life) or right before you make the buns if you plan on eating it all on the same day!

Head on over to Baking Equals Love for the full recipe!

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