Once You Make Your Own Cocktail Sauce, You'll Never Pick up Store-Bought

When you think of shrimp cocktail, you think of cocktail sauce. The two go together like pancakes and syrup. Cocktail sauce is one of those condiments you find yourself craving whenever any fresh or raw seafood hits the table. It's also a great accompaniment for dishes like fried oysters, grilled steak, sandwiches, and a teaspoon to two will elevate a brunch Bloody Mary to new levels.

Sure, going bottled is an easy way to get your fix. But when it's so simple to make your own cocktail sauce recipe, you should. Especially since it's one of those basic recipes where you can do a whole lot with simply by adding fun ingredients.

Lori Lange from RecipeGirl makes a simple and delicious sauce with ingredients you already have in your fridge for a classic shrimp cocktail sauce. Hers has just the right amount of kick thanks to a bit of prepared horseradish and some hot sauce. She got the recipe from a family member, who also happens to be a chef, so she's got good culinary connections.


The beauty of this recipe is that it is easy to double or even triple, and adjust. Meaning you can whip up a few batches and make one spicy by adding more chili sauce and create another creamy version by adding mayo.

The result is an amped-up salad dressing or dipping sauce perfect for raw veggies from your grocery list. If you happen to be out of horseradish, don't be afraid to experiment with something else that carries the same kick. Lange suggests trying crushed red peppers, pepperoncini or even sliced fresh hot peppers.

To store the sauce, pour it into an empty ketchup bottle and store in the fridge. It will last for two to three weeks. Ready to get started on and never pick up the bottled stuff again?

Head over to RecipeGirl for the full, delicious recipe.

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