I Made a Photobook from Mixbook, This Is How Easy It Was

In the world of photobooks, there are so many different platforms to choose from. The amount of different programs to use really is overwhelming, and while Mixbook may be just another personalized photo design tool, it is easy and the book came out beautifully.

Mixbook offers projects ranging from photo books to cards for all occasions, calendars, prints on canvas, metal, or acrylic, and posters. They are also extremely affordable with their photo books starting at $15.99 and amazing deal offerings at 50% off.

I made one of Mixbook's Mother's Day photo books for my mom and I am very happy with the results! You can too, so start thinking of your favorite photos to preserve your family memories with Mixbook.

To start, you make a profile and upload the images you want to place into your book. You then pick a theme for your entire book, which is great because the artistic features that Mixbook provides are really beautiful. I chose the Everyday Wood Textures and the entire book had a nice grained background.

You then simply drag and drop your images into the boxes provided on the page. It will tell you if the images are too big which you then scale down.


The embellishments are not at all cheesy, but if you would rather not have any text or graphics you can easily delete them.

I kept the cute text even though I worried it wouldn't show up as strong on the photos but it ended up looking great in print.


The whole process was literally dragging and dropping images that I downloaded from Facebook into the boxes provided. It only took me a half an hour! I was floored. You can add any kinds of stickers, backgrounds, or text that you want, especially if you are super creative. I just went with the default design because it really was cute!

The preview feature is akin to actually flipping through the book so you know exactly what it will look like before you order. Finally, you choose the how the pages will feel.

I chose the Matte Hardcover 8.5x8.5" with 21 pages and it came out to $36, and I know for a fact that Apple photobooks cost more than that! I got the book in a few weeks and it was the perfect little size and the photos came out so nice, printed on beautiful matte paper.

Using Mixbook was truly an easy experience and the book is adorable! I know that my mom will really appreciate it and probably think that I spent an entire week creating it. But thanks to the designers at Mixbook, I created a professional-looking art project in a reasonable amount of time!

All images via Mateja Lane

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