Macka B Will School You on Vit-a-min C

The moment the sniffles strike, we have a tendency to down the OJ and overdose on vitamin C with those crazy packets of Emergen-C. No one has time to get sick. Maybe, just maybe though, if we incorporated more vitamin C into our daily diet, we could fit off a nasty cold from creeping up on us in the first place.

Making vitamin C cooler than the Kool-Aid Man, Macka B tells us what's up. Describing the benefits of vit-a-min C and all those tasty fruits and veggies that contain it, rap master Macka B informs us of everything we need to know about this antioxidant on this episode of Medical Monday. Jingles, you've got nothing on this man's rap.

What does vitamin C do for you? It fights colds, flus, boosts immunity, and helps the skin, heart, and blood circulation. While you may be fond of those 1,000 percent of your daily dose vitamin C packets, it's best to absorb your nutrients through whole foods. Citrus fruit, bell pepper, thyme, tropical fruits, melon, kale, and moringa are a few fruits and veggies that are loaded with vitamin C.

If you've never heard of moringa, you should know it's called "the miracle tree" for a reason. In ayurveda, it's associated with curing about 300 disease. In the tropical and sub-tropical regions it grows, it helps to fight malnutrition. It's also loaded with more nutrition than most of it's iconic food counterparts. Like oranges for example. Moringa has twelve times the vitamin C than that of an orange. Moringa anyone?

If you've got a picky eater in your house, sit them down for an episode of MackOB. A minute of his educational video, and you might be able to ditch those gummy bear vitamins for whole foods.

Vit-amin, vit-a-min, vit-a-min, vit-amin, vit-a-min, vit-a-min C. Man is that catchy. Don't be surprised if that winds up in your head all day long. You're welcome.

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