Wine on Your Doorstep: Winc Personalizes Your Subscription Wine Boxes

This scenario has probably happened to you before. You come home from work after a long day, ready to relax with a glass of wine. Until you realize you didn't go to the wine store on the way home. This is not a problem when you're a member of Winc, the first wine-to-doorstep club.

It began as Club W in 2012, and was the first personalized wine club in the U.S. With a desire to create a platform for artisanal winemaking, Winc promotes a grape-to-glass supply chain by featuring wines at extremely reasonable prices from smaller, local wineries around the country.

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Their goal is to make wine approachable and accessible, leaving all of the snootiness associated with wine tasting at the door. When you sign up with Winc, you fill out a six-question Palate Profile that determines your specific tastes. From there, Winc recommends wines based on your Palate Profile.

These three or four (or more!) wines are delivered straight to your door each month, and if you forget to personally choose your favorites, never fear because Winc automatically selects them for you using the Palate Profile.

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As mentioned, the wines are reasonably priced, ranging from $13 to $28 for the higher-end featured wines. They represent a range of local wineries on the West Coast and if you order four or more, you receive complimentary shipping. Each Winc box comes with the Winc Journal which includes features on certain wineries, interviews, and health studies, along with an overview of the wines available for that month.

Full disclosure, I've been a member of Winc for over a year and I love it. Having the wines show up on my doorstep each month means I'm fully stocked and I've definitely placed an extra order here and there when I know I'll need the wines for an occasion, like a holiday party or a dinner party.

WINC DIY Coasters

One of the features I love most about Winc are the labels on the wines themselves. Aesthetically pleasing and artistically beautiful, the labels became coasters in a DIY project of mine and I use them regularly (that's why there's a coffee stain on one, oops!). I'm not the only one - 71 percent of Americans are drawn to the appearance of a wine label.

I recently had the chance to do a tasting and unboxing of a Winc box to show you exactly what it looks like when it arrives. Here's how it went!

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For our tasting, I hand-picked four different types of wines available on Winc for January.

The photos are from Winc customers, proving they're a beloved company with a loyal following.

One From the Quiver: 2016 Malbec of Mendoza, Argentina

The taste of this wine was sweetly spiced, with deep hints of cherry.

It would pair exceptionally well with a meat-based meal, from a backyard barbecue to pork ribs.

Outer Sounds: 2016 Sauvignon Blanc of Marlborough, New Zealand

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This wine had a tropical feel to it with hints of passionfruit and citrus, specifically lime.

It would pair very well with fish tacos and ceviche, meaning it's the perfect summertime wine.

Finke's Widow: 2016 Sparking Chardonnay of California

This sparkling wine was a delicious treat and my favorite of the bunch. I'm a sucker for cava and the like, so it's no surprise there.

It was a lightly fruity wine, with hints of apple and white peach. Lime and lemon were also present, reminding me a bit of my favorite La Croix flavors in one sparkling wine combination.

It would be the best accompaniment to a charcuterie board of cold meats and cheeses of the four wines, and definitely one I would order again.

Eplevin Cider of Sonoma California

Per the Winc journal, Eplevin means apple wine in Norwegian and this did not disappoint. The cider used eight different types of apples from Sonoma County in California, all picked between August and October 2015.

This cider was refreshing and not too heavy on the alcohol, which I generally feel is an issue with a cider that is not well done. It smelled like an apple pie combined with a hot toddy, so it earned an immediate smile right there.

I felt the apples were so present in the sip, and you could really taste their tart crispness. It would pair really well with a huge pretzel and beer cheese, along with a sausage. Real pub food is where Eplevin would shine.

Are you ready to try a Winc box? You can sign up for a subscription to receive $20 off your first order. Additionally, you can take part in their current promotion to receive four bottles of wine for only $30 with complimentary shipping!

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