Pickle Vodka: The Ingredient Your Bloody Mary is Missing

Vodka cocktail connoisseurs, brace yourselves: pickle vodka is here, and it's only available at one Pacific Northwest distillery... for now. Blue Spirits Distillery, located on the idyllic Lake Chelan, Washington, offers a full line of spirits including whisky, gin, vodka, tequila and rum. However, it's not just whisky, gin, vodka, tequila and rum.

Blue Spirits creates unique twists on these classic spirits, infused with surprising flavors. These creations include cocktail-ready infusions like lime tequila, cherry whisky and its seven-times distilled vodka, available straight or in flavors like grapefruit, mango, pepper, espresso, cucumber and, now, the cucumber's briny cousin... pickle. That's right, dill pickle infused vodka is here.


That's right -- as Delish reports, you can now get your hands on your very own bottle of 120-proof dill pickle vodka if you're willing to make the trip to Blue Spirits' Leavenworth, Washington tasting room. For now, it's only available in person and in 50-milliliter bottles, which run $12.50 a pop, but distribution throughout the U.S. and Canada is on the horizon.

Pickle juice is having a major moment right now, found in everything from pickle pops to gallon jugs from Texas.

While some of you may be repulsed at the very idea of pickle vodka, it seems to be a surprisingly versatile spirit -- testers say it's great as part of a dirty pickle martini, and we're sure that a dill pickle Bloody Mary would be delicious.

Want more pickles? Here are 10 interesting flavors you can infuse in your own.

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