Longhorns Football Driving Fans to Drink: Alcohol Sales Spike from 2015

It wasn't the best year to be a Longhorn fan, and boy do these numbers show it. Alcohol sales at Austin's beloved Royal-Memorial Stadium jumped more than 70 percent from year to year between 2015 and 2016. According to the Austin American-Statesman, UT generated about "$3.1 million in revenue from beer, wine and liquor sold at football games."

In an open records request, UT disclosed that specifically it drew in "$2.8 million in beer sales, $128,321 in wine sales, and about $141,632 in liquor sales." For six home games, that's more than impressive. Simple math says that each game, on average, saw about $516,667 in alcohol sales. This spike in sales could be due in large part to the warm, sunny late summer and autumn Saturdays.

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The decision to sell beer and wine at Texas home games was finalized in June 2015 and put into effect in September 2015. In only two seasons, the benefits of that decision are crystal clear.

About "$1.3 million of alcohol sales [were] part of its contract with 1883 Provision Company," as reported by the Austin-American Statesman. In comparison, during the 2015 season, alcohol sales only generated about $1.8 million.

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Apart from the great profit netted from the decision to sell beer and wine at stadium concession blocks, the UT associate athletic director Rebecca Haden told the Austin American-Statesman, "Preliminary results show a reduction in alcohol-related incidents when compared to last season."

So what are Longhorn fans drinking? Here's the breakdown:

  • Miller Lite: 98,535 sold
  • Coors Light: 95,096 sold
  • Bud Light: 34,257 sold
  • Shiner Bock: 1,411 sold
  • Lone Star: 952 sold
  • Michelob Ultras: 741 sold
  • Budweiser: 89 sold

Numbers/date via Austin American-Statesman

So it turns out that Texans love Miller Lite for easy drinking, warm game days! Who would've thought?

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