Got a Grill Question? LongHorn Steakhouse's 'Grill Us Hotline' is Here for You

If you've ever dreamed of having in-house advice in the comfort of your home, then this is the weekend for you. For the fifth consecutive year, LongHorn Steakhouse is launching their annual Grill Us Hotline this weekend. The event makes it easy for at-home grillers and wannabe grill masters to gain expertise through the hotline, and various other social media outlets, so grill connoisseurs can receive the help they need almost instantaneously.

For those who aren't phone-shy, they can call into the hotline at 1-855-LH-GRILL, which will connect callers directly with the industry's top Grill Masters. There will be experts on standby in the days leading up to Memorial Day for the sole purpose of offering advice and answering questions to aid in the preparation for one of the summer's biggest grilling holidays.

In addition to the hotline, grillers and aficionados alike can communicate in real-time with the LongHorn team via their social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. EST seven days a week for any advice or questions to be answered.

To resolve the common issue of your voice getting lost in a sea of messages, LongHorn has rolled out Grill Hero Facebook Messenger, where the past, present and future patrons and fans will have around-the-clock access to indulgent recipes and know-how on grilling.

For top tips and recipes at the touch of a finger, guests and grillers alike can text "GRILL" to 55702 all summer long for texts straight to their phones. Tips and expertise will change on a weekly basis and will be available at all times of day. For those just looking to browse chef-inspired recipes and guides, LongHorn's website is a great place to browse through content whenever the urge strikes to bust out the grill and whip up some extraordinary steaks.

To further inspire the culinary genius within, Jens Dahlmann, Corporate Executive Chef and Vice President of Culinary Development for LongHorn Steakhouse, offered up three main pieces of advice on how to cook the perfect steak every single time.

1. Select the freshest proteins

"If you're planning to grill steak, make sure they're fresh, and most importantly never frozen - just like we use at LongHorn Steakhouse. Some of our favorite cuts are tender filets, juicy ribeyes and well-marbled New York strip steaks."

2. Boldly season

"Don't be shy when seasoning your steak. At LongHorn, we season boldly to lock in maximum flavor. Our seasoning blend is top-secret, but for a great at-home rub, try a blend that we call "The Big 4," which includes salt, pepper, granulated onion powder and granulated garlic powder.

Make sure you season generously, especially with larger steaks, because some seasoning will fall off on the grill."

3. The right temperature is essential

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"You can test for doneness two ways. We recommend guests use a meat thermometer to get the temperature they like. If you don't have one, you can estimate doneness with your hand. LongHorn's Grill Masters use this more advanced trick, as well as their in-depth knowledge of steak.

Every steak is different, but here's the general idea: Start with an open, relaxed palm. Using your other hand, touch the smooth area directly under your thumb -- that's how a rare steak should feel when you touch it with your tongs. Touch your thumb and forefinger; that's medium. Thumb and middle finger is medium-well, and thumb and pinky is well-done."

How excellent are these tips, y'all? We'll be using them for our barbecues all summer long.

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