South Carolina City Pleads with Beachgoers to Skip Straws

We can rally behind causes that make sense. Cleaning up our planet is something that we think is well worth the effort. This movement, a movement called Strawless Summer, is taking over Charleston, South Carolina right now. The local newspaper is pleading with beachgoers to skip straws while on the beach.

With hashtags like #stopsucking and #skipthestraw, we are ready to get behind the Strawless Summer movement. According to The Charleston City Paper, the Charleston Surfrider Foundation is at the front of Strawless Summer.

In Charleston County, straws aren't recyclable. That being said, there's a large amount of straws that wind up becoming litter. In just one hour, members of the Charleston Surfrider Foundation found 300 straws on Folly Beach.

For some more numbers, the Foundation figured out that each person uses 1.6 straws per day. In Charleston County alone, that totals 634,000 straws. We can't imagine finding 20 straws in one day, let alone 300. When you look at the total in Charleston County, though, things start to make sense.

Sense is what the Strawless Summer movement is all about. Charleston itself thrives on the niceties of life. Cocktails and other beverages are a ritualized, daily practice. That being said, The Charleston chapter of the Surfrider Foundation doesn't want people to stop drinking cocktails. That makes no sense.

What they want, however, is for people to #stopsucking. By sipping instead of sucking, the amount of pollution that lands on the beaches and, eventually, the oceans can be cut down drastically.

One Charleston restaurant has taken the message of protecting the ocean to a new level. They now include a note on their menu:

"We care about our oceans. Straws are by request."

We can get on board with this. Straws are OK, but we'd rather see our oceans flourish. And when it comes to cocktails, we won't miss the straws. We'll be sipping oceanside all summer long. Don't forget: #stopsucking.

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