lloyd's carrot cake

Lloyd's Carrot Cake is a New York Delicacy


Every neighborhood has the small businesses and quirky coffeeshops that give it character. It's even more important to find these spots when you live in a big city, because discovering a shop or restaurant that makes you feel at home can be a respite from the fast-paced city environment. The best businesses to do this are those that remain centered on authenticity and personal connection with their customers. One such business is Lloyd's Carrot Cake, a family-owned baking company in the Bronx famous for their welcoming atmosphere and scrumptious carrot cake.

Lloyd's Carrot Cake

New York City can feel huge and impersonal, which is why it's so important to find places that feel familiar. That's exactly what Lloyd's Carrot Cake accomplishes. This famous cake shop is owned by Betty Campbell-Adams, the spouse of the late Lloyd Adams for whom the shop is named. Betty Campbell-Adams explains that the "secret" to her amazing carrot cake is simply that it is natural and full of carrots!

She says that while others sometimes use pineapple to create a moist texture in carrot cake, she sticks to carrots. There are no artificial ingredients or life extenders; she simply makes authentic and delicious cake. As for the cream cheese frosting, this is uncomplicated as well- cream cheese, vanilla and powdered sugar are the only ingredients.

Lloyd's Carrot Cake is known as the best carrot cake around, so this little shop in Riverdale fills up on the holidays. People living in the community come for its signature carrot cake and the welcoming company of Betty Campbell-Adams whenever they need a pick-me-up. While New York City is known for its bagels and pizza, Lloyd's Carrot Cake is not to be overlooked!


This beloved baking company originated with Lloyd Adams, who baked amazing carrot cake using his grandmother's recipe. Lloyd would have his friends over to watch basketball games, and during the game he would bake delicious carrot cake for them to enjoy. These get-togethers inspired him to take his famous carrot cake to the next level, and he decided that he would one day open a bake shop.

Here's the full story!

Lloyd's Carrot Cake eventually caught the attention of the New York Times in 2016, which only served to increase its popularity. Along with carrot cake, this wonderful cake shop sells red velvet cake, German chocolate cake, pineapple-coconut cake, and more. They also bake five different cupcakes, including carrot cupcakes of course. There is also an option to order decorated cakes for birthday parties or other celebrations, which includes a border, writing, and flowers.


Since traveling isn't advised during the coronavirus pandemic, you may be wondering if you'll ever get a chance to try this famous NYC delicacy. Fortunately, Lloyd's Carrot Cake not only brings joy to the Riverdale neighborhood of the Bronx, it also ships carrot cake to anywhere in the United States! Because of this accessibility, all cake lovers in the United States can try this famously delicious New York delicacy for themselves!

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