Pillsbury Releases Limited Edition Grands! Hot Cocoa Rolls

There's nothing that gets you out of bed quicker than the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. Pillsbury, creator of our much loved crescent rolls, biscuits and cinnamon rolls, has come out with a new Grands! breakfast flavor that will remind you of cold weather.

Found in Walmart stores and Krogers across America, Limited Edition Pillsbury Grands! Hot Cocoa Rolls are the breakfast treats you've been waiting for.

Served with a sweet and sinful marshmallow icing, these rolls are best served with  a steaming cup of hot coffee. Speaking of which, here's some of our favorite coffee drinks to enjoy with a steaming hot chocolate roll.

1. New Orleans Chicory Coffee 

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Made with chicory (a root which is a part of the dandelion family) this coffee is a New Orleans staple to enjoy with pastries and desserts like beignets and chocolate cake.

If you are looking to add in a bit of chocolate flavor, stir in some chocolate syrup while preparing the coffee.

Find the recipe here. 

2. Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

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If iced coffee is more your style, you are going to love making homemade cold brewed coffee. In a large pitcher or container, combine the ground coffee beans and water and let sit in the fridge for about 12 hours. Filter the grounds through a coffee filter and pour the coffee into glasses.

We prefer to add a bit of ice to ours to dilute the coffee a bit, but adding a bit of heavy cream should do the trick as well.

Get the recipe here.

3. Homemade Mocha Coffee Creamer

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Adding this coffee creamer to your coffee is a surefire way to get your chocolate fix for the day. Half and half, sugar, cocoa powder and vanilla extract is combined then added to a steaming hot cup of joe to make the perfect cup.

Find the recipe here. 

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